How I Work

Change happens when we feel understood and when we are helped by another person to identify and alter current patterns of behavior that may not be serving us.  Here are some of the most important aspects of change:

warm, collaborative relationship with a therapist/coach is essential.  When you feel respected and your strengths are appreciated you are able to look at your difficulties with compassion and sometimes even humor.  I will help you clarify your difficult feelings, and help you harness your hope and your own wisdom to use in the process.

It is important to identify the problem you are having and form goals for solving that problem.  When you are able to set a clear, achievable goal you are half the way there.  My job is to keep you on track, keeping you behaviorally accountable to the goals you have set.

I will also help you identify how you are getting in your own way. We all have core beliefs, ways we think about ourselves and the world.  If those core beliefs are sabotaging your progress, we clarify and often challenge them and help you begin to develop new, more effective beliefs about yourself.  We also help you identify and change habits of behavior that no longer serve you.

I work in this way whether we are doing psychotherapy or coaching. In addition to goal achievement, psychotherapy focuses on emotions and past experiences when appropriate. Coaching focuses on the present and the achievement of excellence in your life. I find that a combination of the two is the most effective route to change. A pure coaching model can also be powerful. When we meet we will determine which option works best for you.

Vickie Vann, LCSW